Group Disability Income Insurance

A disabling accident or illness can happen in the blink of an eye. That disability could place you out of work. If you have to stop working due to a disability, chances are your income will stop too. But it doesn't have to if you’re protected with disability insurance. With our disability income insurance coverage, you'll have help meeting your financial obligations and maintaining your lifestyle if a covered injury or illness prevents you from working.

Coverage Highlights

With Group Disability Income Insurance, you select a monthly benefit amount that you'll receive if you are unable to work due to a covered disability.

Let AGIT help safeguard against potentially devastating financial consequences with robust coverage that can help ease your mind until you're able to get back to work.


  • Flexible Coverage Limits: Request coverage for up to 70% of your Average Monthly Income at rates specially negotiated for lawyers.
  • Partial Disability and Rehabilitation Benefits: Focus on your abilities by receiving benefits even if you are able to perform certain duties of your job.
  • Long Term Coverage: For Covered Total Disabilities starting before age 63, you can receive monthly benefits until age 65 or for a Covered Total Disability between age 63 to 64, you can receive benefits for up to two years.*
  • 30-Day Free Look: If for any reason you aren't happy with your coverage, return your insurance certificate within 30 days of receipt, without a claim, and you'll receive a refund—no questions asked!

*For full product details, including information on eligibility, features, limitations, costs, renewability, and exclusions, read the AGIT Disability Income Insurance Brochure.

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